3-1/4 INCH HSS PLANER BLADE D-46230 FOR MAKITA KP0800K, KP0810, XPK01, N1900B, 1902

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Quick set knives for easy set up and resharpenable edge allows for longer bit life.
  • Made with tungsten carbide & Blade Size: 82x29x3mm
  • Set of 2, Plastic case packaging
  • Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Finish: Ground surfaces with 0,4 Ra finish

suitable for below listed planers:

Hitachi: F20, FP20A, P20V, P20SA.

Makita Planer: 1001, 1100, 1125, 1125B, 1911, 1900B, 1901, 1902, 1923B, M102, MI900.

Ryobi Planer: HL-82, L282, L1323A, L180, L-1835.

Dewalt Planer #DW677, DW678, DW680K, D26676, D26677, D26500, D26501 ,26677K

Bosch Planer #1594, PL1682, PHO2-82, PHO3-82, PHO3-82B, PHO100, PHO150, PHO200, PH300, PHO15-82, PHO25-82, PHO30-82, 1592-9, GHO282, GHO31-82, GHO36-82c SKIL

Wolf/Kango: 8614, 8657 AND MANY OTHERS.

For use with DW680K D26676, D26677 and Makita N1900 planers